• Power Input (BAT+): +8 to 32 Vdc @ 10 amps
  • Module Output (LOAD): BAT+ volts @ 10 amps, with over current fault shutdown protection


The VCM-24 is a solid-state low voltage disconnect. It protects the chassis battery when the engine is not running by automatically disconnecting 24-volt loads if low voltage is detected. With the standard VCM-24, a timer starts when the voltage drops below 25.6 Vdc. If the voltage remains below 25.6 until the timer expires, the power switch turns off, disconnecting the power to the loads. If the voltage drops below 23.6 Vdc with the timer running, the power switch shuts off immediately. Any time the input voltage increases above 26.5 Vdc, the power switch turns back on to supply power to the loads and the timer resets. The VCM-24 comes standard with pre-determined voltage thresholds, however programmable voltage thresholds are also available. Several models with different shut-off timer values are available. The timer function is also programmable based on your individual needs.

Key Features:

  • Voltage >26.5 – Output On
  • Voltage <25.6 – Output Off with Time Delay
  • Voltage <23.6 – Output Instant Off
  • 24 Volt 10 Amp Solid State Output
  • Over Current Fault Shutdown Protection
  • 4-Wire Terminal Configuration
  • Compact Size
  • Durable Metal Case