Solar Power

Solar Mounting Hardware, BC

Solar panels are built with technology that takes the heat and light from the sun to create energy through a process called photovoltaics.

Solar charge controllers take the voltage generated from the solar panels and regulate it into usable charging voltage.

A battery based inverter that converts direct current DC power from the batteries into alternating current AC power.

In a grid tie system solar panels are directly connected to an inverter that is tied into your household electrical panel.

Our RV Solar panel kits come complete with solar panel or panels, cables and charge controllers.

Our cabin solar packages are ideal for someone looking for power in remote areas and places where electricity is unavailable.

The solar on grid packages take energy from the sun and stores it in a utility grid.

Solar Balance of System (BOS) is the components and equipment that move DC energy produced from solar panels through a conversion system.

Hub Power provides a multitude of mounting hardware for your solar installation.