• Operating voltage: 9.5Vdc to 18.5Vdc
  • Standard shut off voltage is 11.5 Vdc for 60 seconds, but time
    and voltage settings are available
  • Ground studs provided for control and input to contactor
  • Power studs are stainless steel 3/8″-16 with locking nuts provided
  • Size: 2.85″ W X 4.35″ L X 1.10″ H
  • Over-current trip: 100-110% of rated capacity for 500 milliseconds
  • Loss of ground trip: 250 milliseconds


The LVD-20 Low Voltage Disconnect automatically disconnects 12Vdc loads from the battery when the battery voltage drops below a critical level to protect the battery power. This leaves enough power for the vehicle to be restarted. The uni-directional design provides protection for single battery applications only. The output on the LVD-20 is over-current, short-circuit and loss of ground protected.

Solid State Contactors ( LVD-20 [100, 150 and 200 Amp] )

Key Features:

  • Can be programmed for manual or automatic reset
  • Can be programmed for battery, ignition or control switch activated
  • Custom voltage settings available
  • Status LED provides indication of being “on” and flashes to indicate a fault