Power Products

Fuses and Fuse Blocks, BC | DC to DC Converters, BC

Hub Power offers a wide range of high frequency, fast charging, multi-stage battery charging solutions for your vehicles, boats and industrial applications.

Our Selection of truck and equipment starting batteries are built to perform under the most extreme conditions.

Offering clean DC power, they are fully protected to ensure peace of mind for your batteries and applications.

A highly efficient, intelligent and compact DC-DC Converters, provide regulated outputs.

These allow batteries to combine during charging periods while isolating the batteries during discharging and engine starting periods.

Units are capable of powering loads of up to 70A continuous draw at 85 degree Celcius with two outputs to control an external relay.

Battery switches are used to isolate any of the potential destructive energy that may be stored in the battery banks.

Designed to provide high current protection in the most demanding environments.

DC Circuit Breakers shut off the power when a circuit is threatened or overloaded.