The PT-100 is an MPPT controller rated for an impressive 100 amp output to the battery bank. This means flexibility of panel selection, array configuration, and transmission distance, as well as the ability to accommodate some of the largest array sizes with the use of a single controller.

Spec Sheet


The input voltage rating of up to 187 volts allows the panel configuration to be designed using fewer, high voltage strings of panels; offering savings in cabling, circuit breakers, combiner box selection, and transmission wire sizing over modest distance of 50 feet and up. Small incremental savings like this can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars or more and are a practical consideration of any medium or larger system design. The 100 amp output rating means the PT-100 has a impressive maximum array size of 6,600 watts.

Features include: Front panel display for array and battery bank status, charge state and fault indicators, and operational Select and Reset buttons; traditional 3-stage charging with manual equalization; on-board configuration DIP switch for “stand-alone” applications; integrated PV Ground Fault and Arc Fault detection/interruption; over temperature protection and de-rating in hot temperatures (room temperatures of 104 F and greater); output over current protection; 255 days of PV harvest and battery amp-hour data logging; programmable dry contact auxiliary relay; easy set-up and integration with Magnum inverters and Advanced Remote Control (ME-ARC rev 4.0 or greater) products; supports on-site software upgrades. The PT-100 is NOT protected against reverse polarity wiring on the PV or battery side. A voltmeter must be used to ensure proper wiring polarity during installation.